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Name:Helion Blackspirit Lasfort
Birthdate:Jan 10
Location:Regina, SK, Canada
OOC Information:
Name: Wakuseino/Waku/Dustin
Age: 25
AIM: wakuseino

IC Information:
Name: Helion Blackspirit Lasfort
Fandom: Eien no Aselia
Timeline: The prologue of the spin-off game, Spitan.
Age: somewhere between 23-27.
Appearance: here.

Abilities:In terms of physical capabilities, the game itself has stated that low for a Spirit is still a little above a human in peak physical condition under normal circumstances, but I'll assume that all of that's going to be halved according to the entry rules. The main source of Helion's "power", is actually her 'Eternity Sword', Despair. The sword itself is essentially a part of her, and as a result, long-term separation from it is physically painful. She's also capable of utilizing a "Halo", which is basically Mana materialized and formed into one of three shapes: Wings, a Shield, or a Sphere. Black Spirits like Helion most commonly use the Wing Halo form, which increases their speed and gives them some flight capabilities. (If you're curious, the Sphere makes mana usage more efficient, while the Shield... works as a shield.)

As a Black Spirit, Helion's specialty is speed, and most of her abilities aren't strong, but she makes up for it with the sheer speed at which she can launch into them. Among the spirits that still exist (more on that on the history section), she's the fastest, capable of outpacing almost everything in her world, even without the use of her Wing Halo.

Helion herself is an accomplished swordswoman, specializing in Iaido. It's hard to identify a precise style however, due to the whole alternate world thing: She didn't so much learn a specific style, but rather learned "what style works best with the sword". Either way, one can put most of Helion's skills into the techniques listed below:

Iai Sword: A high-speed attack built to overwhelm an opponent's defense. It's not very strong, but it can bypass most magical and physical defenses.
Starfire Sword: More powerful than the Iai Sword and a lot faster, this attack uses a slight amount of Black mana to disrupt an opponent's ability to deal damage.
Resolution Block: Otherwise known as "let yourself get hit so that you can make sure you hit the other guy". To be precise, it hurts the opponent by turning the force of their own attacks against them, presumably through application of more Black Mana.
Impact: This is the closest equivelant Black Spirits have to "magic". It basically amounts to shooting a big blob of pure Black Mana at the opponent. It's nothing spectacular, and doesn't actually hurt much, but it has the same disruptive effects as the Starfire Sword technique.
Weaken and Terror: Both techniques are basically the same, so I'm pairing them together. They utilize Black Mana in a controlled method, to disrupt an opponent's strength (Weaken), or their defense (Terror). They don't actually do any damage, but they're her most effective disrupting techniques.
Dark Spring: A "berserker" enchant, so to speak. By using Black Mana on an ally, she can make them hit harder and do more damage, though that same effect disrupts their defense.
Initialize: The most worthless skill ever. It neutralizes the effects of mana in an area around Helion... Though, the odds of mana actually having an effect over anything significant are so low that it's basically useless.
Vanishing Halo: This is another ability that's only useful in Helion's own world. It disrupts the effectiveness of Eternity Swords, which is where basically everyone in her world gets their powers from, with the end result of making everything in an area around Helion half as effective at dealing damage as they should be.

There's one other significant ability that's present in all Black Spirits, which I haven't addressed: It is impossible to stop their abilities with counter-spells. It's unknown precisely why it's like that, but it's nonetheless an acknowledged fact, and is generally accepted to be the "specialty" of Black Spirits.

Finally, Helion seems to have the amazing skill to make nutritious and delicious food out of things that by all accounts should be completely poisonous. This does not in any way mean that they look appealing, however. This is likely another aspect of her utilizing Mana: In this case, using Black Mana to neutralize impurities and poisons in the food.

Personality: The best way to describe Helion is "hyper-emotional". Pretty much every emotion she feels, tends to be brought to an extreme: When she's happy, she's ridiculously happy, and when she's sad, it honestly seems like the end of the world to her. She's also ridiculously weak to compliments, and even the slightest bit of praise is generally enough to bring her into her happy state. She's like a puppy, really.

When it comes to relationships with others, she tends to be shy around people she doesn't know. On the other hand, she's actually quite talkative with people she knows and likes. She's an extremely hard worker, and very stubborn: Once she sets her mind on something, she's going to get it done, and do it well, no matter what. Mostly so that she can get praised for it. In fact, that was the entire reason she wound up learning to cook: There weren't many people among her friends who could cook, so she took over the job of cooking so that everyone could praise her for how good it is.

History: Very little is known about Helion's past, but what we do know is that she was raised by two of the most carefree individuals on the planet. The hobbies of said individuals mostly consisted of "teasing Helion", which probably played a big part in the development of Helion's personality overall. In addition, as with all Spirits, she was typically treated as... a second-class citizen, if we're feeling generous. All Spirits were treated as weapons of war to be feared, and as a result, it's likely that the only people that treated Helion as human were the people raising her.

Eventually, a betrayal by the commander of the Spirit Squad resulted in all but one of the active spirits being killed, and all spirits that were even partially through their training were immediately assigned to the Second Spirit Squad, which would be where Helion made her first real interactions with other spirits, the group of them eventually deciding to exist as a "family", the first one that the majority of the spirits in the group even had.

About 4 years later, the game started, which is where things start getting chaotic. A human from another world wound up joining the First Spirit Squad, and when Helion spotted him training with spirits, she wound up asking him about why, unaware of said human's rather complicated circumstances. Said human had a lot of things that Helion had never really had the opportunity to consider, such as the idea that humans and spirits were equals, something that she had been told her entire life was not the case. More importantly though, she latched onto the human's reason for fighting: To protect his friends and family. Helion was inspired by this line, and quickly made it her own motto.

Later, the human in question wound up becoming the commander of the First and Second Spirit Squads, and Helion was formally introduced to him as Takamine Yuuto. She quickly got attached to Yuuto, and wound up falling in love with him amidst the constant series of wars and battles that cover the next two years. In addition, she wound up taking up a human child as an "apprentice", teaching him how to fight, but only under the requirement that he only fight to protect his family. She would attempt a confession to Yuuto, only to ultimately decide to wait until the wars had finally stopped, and things were peaceful. At around this point, Yuuto would ultimately wind up fighting against two of his friends from his world, and Yuuto would convince them to join the First Spirit Squad

However, before the war ended, Yuuto and the entirety of the First Spirit Squad (except Yuuto's male friend) wound up becoming gods, and reality retconned them out of existence, so nobody's quite sure how things actually went. The timeline remained remarkably unchanged, and Helion kept her little apprentice post-retcon, so it's assumed that the timeline didn't change in a significant way.

At this point, the war had gotten far out of hand: A group of gods intent on destroying the world appeared, and started indiscriminately killing people, with only the spirits to fend them off. The spirits fought losing battles across the continent, which would be the main thing that would disperse the fantastic racism applied to Spirits. Regardless, it was clear that it was an unwinnable battle. Right up until another god showed up, bringing Yuuto and the First Spirit Squad in as "reinforcements", with nobody realizing that less than three months ago, all those people were comrades. And so, there was an epic final battle against the gods of destruction, wherein Yuuto and the First Spirit Squad defeated them, taught the locals how to build a barrier to stop more gods from showing up, then left.

In the aftermath of the war, Helion wound up second in command of the Spirit Squad, working underneath the one member of the First Spirit Squad that didn't become a god amidst the chaos. A year or two later, her commander added an additional human to the Spirit Squad, Loti, a child soldier that used to be in his command before he switched sides. Before long, Helion got attached to Loti, mostly out of respect for Loti's struggle to be able to fight on the same level as spirits.

As things were largely peaceful, it was ultimately decided that the Spirit Squad would be better used exploring a new continent, and Loti wound up as commander of the mission under Helion's recommendation. The entirety of the Spirit Squad was drafted for the mission, though their commander stayed behind to operate as support. Shortly after their trip began however, the Spirit Squad was attacked by unknown creatures, and their boat was ultimately destroyed amidst the chaos, leaving them stranded in an unfamiliar territory, which... Brings us up to where I'm taking Helion from.
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